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Joining us means affirming and honoring the peace, love, and light that we all are, empowering us to heal ourselves and the world.

Mandala by Allan Rosenfield, M.D. from the book Extraordinary Doodles

About Us

Our Board of Directors

Jacques Tombazian
Founder of the Global Healing Foundation, author of Mystical Alchemy: The Path to Enlightenment, is a loving healer, teacher and alchemist who has helped thousands of people heal themselves. He has trained therapists and healers in Canada, the United States and other parts of the world to incorporate his methods of healing and raising consciousness into their own practices.

"In alignment with my life's purpose, I have been inspired to work toward healing and transmuting human consciousness, and thereby to contribute to creating peace throughout our planet; that is why I founded the Global Healing Foundation."

Clare Rosenfield, M.S, LCSW
Clare Rosenfield, social worker, author, poet/artist, harpist, and practitioner of various forms of healing and self-healing, is founder of Contact Healing (tm) and facilitator of healing meditation circles with the harp.

"The GHF inspires me to energize with optimism and empowered intention my intense longing for peace and a transformed consciousness worldwide, and to embody peace as best I can myself."

Hasita Nadai/Agi, M.A.; M.S.
Certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, RYT; Reiki master; energetic medicine healer, deep ecologist, biologist, geologist, and creator of Yogagaia.

"My intention is to be in alignment with the evolutionary trend of the universe and the GHF is the community that furthers that."

Francie Canter
Visionary, healer, teacher, and co-founder of Vessels of Light Peace Tour.

Cara Halstead Cea
Cara Halstead Cea, certified hypnotherapist, website designer.

"I have worked with the GHF since its inception, shortly after 9/11. Having lost friends in the attacks on the World Trade Center, I felt the need to help spread peace, not hatred, throughout the world."

Sheryl Blumenthal
Sheryl Blumenthal is a channel, healer, teacher and peacemaker.

"My prayer is for humans to know who they are…for with love, all can be accomplished.”

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